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How To Make Mine Easier?

Operating a mining business may be too tough if you don’t know how to handle your business transactions. Starting from cost estimation to being actually doing the mine and start to produce some ore/coal or even just to do some project to keep your mine running safely with good mining practices.

Since managing and monitoring your mine can be troublesome, you need to choose some skilled professionals in mining industry. Hence, we provide the services needed to start your mine and mining project.

Our Goal

As an answer for mining industry to exploit the ore resources effectively and efficiently based on good mining practices.

Our Mission

As the best local partner for mining industry through integrated services in ore production based on good mining practices which is environmentally friendly and prioritizing work safety.

Our Values


  • Giving More Profit to SHAREHOLDER of Project Owner by Applying Low Cost

  • Mine Management & Operation

  • Effective & Efficient Organization of Project Owner

  • Reducing Fix Cost and Converted to Variable Cost

  • Reducing Local & Social Problem through Outsourshing Company

  • Reducing Initial & Preparation Cost (Before Ore Production)


  • Provide all Necessary Manpower (Local & Non Local)

  • Provide Proper Remuneration & Benefit for Manpower (BPJS, Insurance, THR, Bonus, Etc)

  • Apply Good Mining Practice

  • Provide Skill Improvement specifically for local Manpower

  • Conduct Reguler Meeting with Project Ower in Relation with Mine Plan & Coal Production.

  • Provide regular report to Project Owner.


  • Preparation Stage Report

  • Mining standard operation procedure, meetings, tool box

  • Short Interval Controls, field checklists, etc

  • Daily Mining Production Report

  • Monthly Mining Report

  • Weekly Mine Production Plan

  • Monthly Mine Plan and Reconciliation

  • Life of Mine Plan

Our Services

Mine Management Services

  • We provide the mine management services with “ Good Mining Practice “ principle.
  • Provide data validation, geological database validation, pit optimization, design (short term, mid term, long term), and scheduling with compatible software and skillful manpower.
  • Provide the complete daily, weekly, monthly plan to meet client’s standard.
  • Provide the complete daily, weekly, monthly reports to meet client’s standard.

Mine Contractor

  • Perform mine management and production activities with “ Good Mining Practice “ principle.
  • Make intensive supervision for production
  • We provide skilled and trained manpower
  • We provide mining production equipments with good condition.

Project Monitoring

We provide people for your mining project :

  • Recruit all necessary manpower (Local & Non local).
  • Organizing new employee recruitment process that delivers high standard.
  • Training for new employee by competent trainer.
  • Monitoring and ensured employee’s performance during project.
  • Providing the complete reports to meet client’s standard.

Our Project

PT Jambi Prima Coal  (Subsidiary of PLN BB)

Start November 2017 – untill now

Sarolangung, Jambi

PT Bara Pramulya Abadi

Tabalong, South Borneo